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8 Nov 2013 - Article No: 1788. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

The story of a Chinese ma suing his wife and subsequently winning the case because she lied about her "ugly" past is hitting social media.

The story claims that a man, Jian Feng sued his wife after finding out that she had undergone extensive plastic surgery before they met, a secret that was blown after the husband questioned why their first child did not look like her. The story asserts that the man successfully sued his wife for fraud.

The story first hit the media and social media in October 2012, and was reported on several mainstream media websites, including Reuters.

And the story has resurfaced, along with an image of a family of 5, in 2013. However several pertinent questions seemed to have been raised regarding the legitimacy of the story this time around.

Firstly, we and others have been able to find reference to the story way back in 2004 [link removed as article removed], despite many social media versions of this story implying the story was recent, and many 2012 media articles implying the same thing.

The photo of a family attached to the message in the 2013 certainly has nothing to do with the story (which asserted that Jian Feng divorced his wife after their first child) and is actually a rather cruel advertisement for plastic surgery.

The alleged before-and-after photo

The earliest examples of this story, according to, came from a dubious media outlet called the Heilongjiang Morning Post which doesnít exactly have a stellar record for accurate journalism.

Most mainstream media outlets reporting on the story last year in 2012 seem to have been basing their stories on this article, or each otherís articles.

Given these inaccuracies, and the lack of any verifiable reports, we have to conclude that the legitimacy of this story is uncertain at best. But ultimately, who knows.

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