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14 Nov 2013 - Article No: 1790. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

This Rich Family Killed an Elephant while it was eating. Lets make them famous. I see 5 animals and 1 elephant!

The above image of 5 people crouched behind a dead elephant is circulating Facebook.

The image was taken from a gallery of similar shots depicting hunters and their kills on a website for Frikkie Du Toit Safaris, where hunting such animals is still legal. Frikkie Du Toit offers professional hunting services for those interested in such an experience.

Many of the people stood behind the elephant can be seen in other pictures, including pictures with lions, zebras and alligators.

So assertions or speculation that the image has been photoshopped are untrue. The image is real, and whilst controversial, the hunters were not committing any crimes. At least, not in the eyes of the law.

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