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Activist Jamaal Uddin and the posters that were displayed.

An article from the UK tabloid paper "The Daily Mail" is circulating that discusses Abu Izzadeen, an Islamic extremist who lives in the UK. The article discusses Sharia Law zones in the UK.

The headline of the article reads “As Islamic extremists declare Britain`s first Sharia law zone, the worrying social and moral implications” and judging by the number of queries we are getting it appears that many are only briefly reading the headline without fully digesting the article and wrongfully assuming that Sharia Law controlled zones are actually being set up in Britain.

Sharia Law is the religious law that followers of Islam abide by. Amongst many other things, it includes various forbidden items such as alcohol and cigarettes.

However if you read the full article (which was published back in 2011) then it becomes clear that no such zone has actually been created at all, and the story centres around Abu Izzadeen, a Muslim extremist who has performed a series of controversial acts whilst living in the UK, one of which happened to be sticking up posters in a London borough that told passers-by that they were in a Sharia Law controlled zone, despite no zone really existing – and it was this event that the Daily Mail opted to focus on.

Abu Izzadeen has been arrested and jailed on multiple occasions for supporting, inciting or glorifying terrorism.

The bottom line is that no “Sharia Law controlled zones” exist, and the implementation of such zones is only supported by an extreme minority of Islamic fringe members. The incident where Izzadeen displayed “Sharia Controlled Zone” posters is about as effective as us displaying posters in our neighbourhood to the effect of banning Justin Bieber music –in that as much as we’d love our self-imposed ban to have any real world consequences, it does not, because it’s just not our call to make.

To stress, the majority of Muslims do not actively support the implementation of such zones, and this is only supported by a minority of Islamic fringe members.

Britain is controlled by British law and everyone in Britain has to abide by these laws, and whilst Muslims may or must abide by Sharia Law too, there is no onus for people of other religious backgrounds to do the same, no matter where they are in the UK.

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