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An image of a snake (posted by various online blogs) that apparently killed and subsequently ate a drunk man passed out in Attapady, Kerala, is circulating Facebook and the Internet.

Photos of alleged man-eating snakes are a common phenomenon on the Internet, and whilst incidents of snakes consuming humans have happened, they are extremely rare, and photos that claim to show such snakes often turn out to be nothing more than fakes. Often such photos merely depict snakes after they have consumed animals such as gazelles or antelope.

Regarding the photo above, we do not know the origin of the photo. What we do know however is that it is not a new photograph, so stories circulating in November 2013 about is consuming a drunk man in Kerala "today" are certainly not genuine.

The photo has circulated along with various different and equally grisly stories. For example earlier versions of this photograph claim the snake consumed a snake expert who was travelling in the back of a van with the reptile. Other versions claim the snake ate a man in Jakarta during flooding in the area.

The photo has existed since at least 2012, as shown by this September 2012 Facebook post, which claims, much like the more recent versions, that the victim was a drunk man, though in this case no location is specified.

Photos like this show classic symptoms of your typical urban legend, in that despite numerous blogs and posts across the Internet showing the photo in various and different scenarios, they all fail to provide any legitimate source or evidence to explain what really did happen.

So whilst we do not know where the photo was taken or what was really inside the snake at the time, you should perhaps take attributed stories with a little pinch of salt.

2013 Update:
Scammers have recently used this photo in forced-share and survey scams.

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