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collected December 2013

Graphic photos purporting to show actor Paul Walker after his car crash are circulating social media, specifically Twitter.

Two photos, one showing an injury to a man’s face and another showing an injured ankle, both of which are extremely graphic and thus blurred out above, are being shared on social media under the assertion that they show the deceased actors injuries he sustained during the fatal crash.

However neither photo is of Paul Walker, and have both been online for over a year. Both photos appear on a Facebook Page entitled Most Disgusting Injuries EVER, which is possibly where the hoaxer acquired the photos.

The graphic photo of the face actually belongs to Alan Dennis. The injury was apparently sustained after the angle grinder he was working on malfunctioned, causing a significant facial injury. Dennis survived the accident however, and went on to make a near full recovery – a photo after the incident can be seen below of Dennis recovering.

The picture of the injured ankle/foot has been circulating for a number of years, and is popularly accredited to a story about a polar bear attack.

Why people start sick hoaxes like this, exploiting a tragic accident, for no apparent reason, is frankly incomprehensible – but we do recommend social media users check their facts before spreading such information, as spreading such hoaxes only furthers the inexplicable enjoyment such hoaxers attain from their actions.

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