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7 Dec 2013 - Article No: 1797. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

OMG i am so glad i wasnt on this plane!

A video of a plane flying over a beach before disappearing behind buildings and then reappearing and crash landing into the sea is circulating Facebook. The appearance of the video makes it look like the video was caught by an amateur videographer on a device such as a camera phone.

However the video, which stops when the plane lands in the sea, is a TV commercial for a travel company called X-Travel. The video stops prematurely – if it continued you would see the door of the plane open and swimsuit-clad men and women exit shouting “PARTY” along with the logo of the travel company appearing on the screen.

The video is the result of digital manipulation and has been online since 2008. In reality, as many expert commentators have confirmed, a plane would not be able to perform the manoeuvres depicted in the video, including the instant near 180 degree turn and landing and stopping so quickly into the sea.

The full commercial can be seen here.

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