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9 Dec 2013 - Article No: 1798. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

An image of a newspaper page is circulating telling the story of a youngster called Damian who apparently sent a letter to Santa demanding a PS4, and if Santa failed to deliver, would put "Shannice’s kitten" into "mams blender".

The story also went on to tell how 8 year old Damian was allowed "fags and booze" and would only turn up to school once or twice a year.

However, as many may have suspected, the story isn’t real. It is the work of the UK’s Sunday Sport, which, whilst referring to itself as a newspaper, is in reality more akin to a lads mag publication, containing nothing more than pictures of naked women, satirical & humorous articles, readers letters and ads for past-the-watershed services.

Previous “stories” of the Sunday Sport, according to its Wiki entry, included a double decker bus being found in the Antarctic and a WWII plane found on the moon.

Readers are not meant to take articles in the paper seriously, and the staff at the paper have claimed it to be a tabloid publication aimed specifically towards men.

In respect to the story about Damian and his PS4, the eagle-eyed sceptics amongst you may have worked out the story was fabricated, not only by the obviously satirical article, but by the fact that Shannice’s kitten is actually a stock image from the Internet, and Damian’s cigarette is unlit and beer can unopened. Not to mention the story of how the newspaper would have been able to get hold of and publish the disturbing photo of Damian in the first place!

So rest assured, whilst we do certainly live amongst less-than-desirable people, this story is nothing more than a case of attempted humour.

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