Broadmeadows Shopping Centre Banned Christmas? - Internet/Facebook Rumour

10 Dec 2013 - Article No: 1799. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Rumours are circulating that claim Australian shopping centre Broadmeadows are not celebrating Christmas, nor are the butchers in the shopping centre selling pork. The message implies this is so not to offend the Muslim community.

Rumours that claim Christmas has “been cancelled” or otherwise limited because of the risk of offending the Muslim community are very popular at this time of the year. Just like any of these rumours, the claim that Broadmeadows has cancelled Christmas is demonstrably false simply by going there, or looking at photos of the shopping centre, which do in fact have Christmas decorations in place, as well as a Santa Village.

The shopping centre confirmed the rumours were false in a Facebook post on the subject.

Hi Everyone,
There may have been some confusion regarding our centre about Christmas.
Just so everyone is aware and on the same page, on Saturday the 23rd of November we had a large parade celebrating Santa’s arrival. We have a brand new magical Santa set with beautiful trees and lights located in front of the customer service desk, where Santa is there everyday taking photos with children until Christmas Eve. Plus we have added new hanging decorations throughout the centre and large dome hanging balls at the Hoyts entertainment precinct that are impossible to miss.

It is a sad reality that these kids of rumours, that are simply aimed to cause isolation towards racial minorities and help circulate racist propaganda, are circulated so vigorously by social media users who are willing to pass on such nonsense without verifying the accuracy of the information first.

Australia has been hit by a near identical rumour before, after the town of Cardwell was claimed to have banned Christmas lights after complaints from Muslims – another rumour that turned out to be completely false. Lambeth in the UK also suffered the same fate as a rumour claiming Christmas lights had to be referred to as Winter Lights circulated virally across Facebook – a rumour that was fuelled by an inaccurate and ill-though out headline from tabloid troublestarter The Daily Express that asserted Christmas had been cancelled.

These kind of rumours are never true, and should never be circulated.

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