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6 Jan 2014 - Article No: 1804. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

A story claiming that the body of Michael Jackson has been found at his former residence Neverland Ranch. The story claims that Jackson died several years ago and an imposter had been impersonating the singer during the latter years of his life.

The report, which seems to have duped a startlingly large number of readers, is an obvious satirical report from popular humour website The Onion. Oddly, despite being written back in 2005, the article has suddenly become popular towards the end of 2013, with many failing to see the date the article was published.

Being satirical, there is absolutely no element of truth to the report which should only be intended as humorous.

Satirical websites like The Onion and WorldWeeklyNews are often the source of many an online rumour after being mistakenly interpreted as accurate. Readers are advised to be vigilant when reading bizarre stories like this before sharing them with your friends.

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