Free iPhone 6 testing Facebook photos - Fake Facebook Page/Event Giveaway

7 Jan 2014 - Article No: 1805. Filed under: Fake Facebook Page/Event Giveaway

We are giving away 5000 iPhone 6 for test !!
Like AND Share this picture and you will get one !

Facebook posts are circulating the social networking site claiming to giveaway iPhone 6 sets for testing providing you first like and share the post.

However this is just another version of a tireless hoax that has circulating Facebook for years. Such photos spread by fooling Facebook users to sharing the photo with their friends under the false pretence that they will receive the latest must have gadget.

Such scams often target the latest electronic products, and with a 2014 release date expected for the latest iPhone model, Facebook users can expect to see plenty of scammy posts claiming to give them away for sharing and liking photos and Pages.

In many cases these scams are just time wasting nonsense, as the posts and photos get flung into viral cyberspace, appearing on numerous newsfeeds across the globe. However often these photos contain links to survey scams and can also accumulate fans for like-farming Pages.

You won’t receive free products just for sharing posts on Facebook. For our full article on Facebook giveaway hoaxes, click here for our full article.

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