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9 Jan 2014 - Article No: 1806. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

An updated version of this rumour for 2017 can be seen here.

Hi if your computer is playing up you need to check your security settings, I have and I have blocked about 30 people who were trying to hack my computer.
go to you account settings, then it will bring you to another page click on blocking in the left hand column, it will bring a box up to type in. in that box type security then copy it so u dont have to keep typing it now click on block beside where u have typed security. U will b shocked at how many names appear u need to block all. Some say facebook security block them all they r hackers.
Collected January 2014

The following message instructs users to go to their account settings “Block” section and block users who appear after typing in the word “security” into the text field, because, as the message implies, these users are trying to hack your computer.

However the message is false. Like an earlier version of this hoax that replaced the word “security” with “automated labs”, the only thing you will accomplish by following the instructions in the warning is to block Facebook users who have included certain words in their Facebook account name (or nee name) – in this case the word is “security”.

We followed the instructions and sure enough the users who appeared as a result were users (or pages) that were related to the word security. Not hackers or anyone else using Facebook for nefarious purposes.

The instructions in the “warning” are merely timewasting nonsense and should not be followed.

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