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Images are circulating that show a billboard outside a Burger King that says NOW HIRING MUST BE MEXICAN

Often with images like this, that seem aimed at causing some type of controversy, it is the result of digital manipulation by online pranksters looking to cause some controversy.

However in this case the image is genuine, but as is often the case, there is more to the story than what a single photograph can tell.

The incident occurred in 2013, and the photo purportedly shows a Burger King franchisee in Washington state. Burger King claimed the incident occurred because of the unauthorised actions of a disgruntled employee, who was immediately fired as a result of his actions.

Burger King announced via its Facebook Page

We are aware of this image. The sign in question was posted briefly last summer, without approval, at a franchisee-owned and operated restaurant. Please know the franchisee has informed us that the employee who posted and photographed this sign was immediately terminated as a result. The Burger King team is dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

The image circulated in 2013, and oddly again in 2014. Burger King have announced that their selection process is not biased towards any race or nationality, and that they are dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

Of course this has not stopped plenty of angry social media users vocalising their complaints on the social media accounts belonging to the fast food franchise. However since the photograph depicts an isolated incident from last year that Burger King HQ had no control over, and the situation was duly dealt with and did not reflect any official policy, there is really no point launching unwise diatribes or indeed circulating the image any further.

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