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22 Jan 2014 - Article No: 1810. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

Look out for the PayPal scam! U will get an email from pay pal saying they have taken 35.50 from your account to pay for your Skype account, there is a section at the bottom which say click on to dispute. If you click on this it brings up a fake pay pal page and asks you to put your email and password in, DONT as this is how they get control of your account! Please share with all friends xxxx
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The following message that warns users of an email from PayPal is describing a real type of threat known as a phishing scam.

Phishing scams involve scammers contacting victims whilst pretending to represent a legitimate entity, in this case PayPal. They do this in order to lure the victim into handing over sensitive information such as login information such as usernames and passwords.

Most often phishing scams are initiated through email or social media and lead to spoof websites where victims are asked to enter their personal information.

For more information on phishing attacks and how to avoid them, click here.

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