Whale slaughters in Faroe Islands - Internet/Facebook Rumour

23 Jan 2014 - Article No: 1811. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Photos purporting to show whales being killed in the Faroe Islands are circulating Facebook along with a plea to Denmark to stop the killing of such animals.

The photos are genuine and do show the killing of hundreds of pilot whales on the coast of the Faroe Islands. The kills, according to Faroese culture, is a centuries old tradition. Whales spotted near the coast of the islands are driven into shallow waters by fishing boats where the whales are executed by the islanders lying in wait.

The killings have over the years caused much controversy from animal rights activists who claim the killings are excessive and unnecessary, whilst many of the islanders in turn claim that because the species is not endangered and because they are only targeted after coming close to their islands that the killings are justified.

The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands divide the meat and blubber from the slaughter whales amongst themselves.

Many social media posts implore readers to contact Denmark or their countries Danish embassy and demand that such killings be stopped.

However it is worth mentioning that despite being part of Denmark, the Faroe Islands are self-governing in most aspects of their lives and culture, only ruled by Denmark in terms of defence and law.

Variants of the message claim that it is dolphins, not whales, that are slaughtered, but this is untrue.

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