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27 Jan 2014 - Article No: 1812. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Can a home pregnancy kit detect Testicular Cancer?

Rumours are circulating Facebook that claim a home pregnancy kit can tell a man if he has testicular cancer if it shows positive.

Whilst there is a correlation between one of the hormones associated with pregnancy and testicular cancer, the rumour is still very misleading.

It is true that a hormone known as Beta-HCG which is found in high amounts in a pregnant woman can also be found in unusually high doses in men who have testicular cancer.

However the results are certainly not accurate. Many, if not most cases of testicular cancer would not produce high enough amounts of this hormone thus would not show up in a pregnancy test kit. Likewise, higher than normal levels of this hormone do not mean that a man has cancer, either.

So relying on a pregnancy test to self-diagnose yourself with cancer is certainly not recommended. If you are ever in doubt regarding health issues you should always seek advice from your doctor, not posts from the Internet.

Such advice on diagnosis and recommended actions can be found on either the NHS website or the American Cancer Society page, as well as relevant bodies in other countries as well.

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