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6 Feb 2014 - Article No: 1814. Filed under: Facebook Scam

Facebook users are reporting receiving spam messages via the Facebook Messages facility that claim they have had photos of them uploaded to a Facebook account owned by someone else. The message provides a link to a ZIP folder where the recipient can apparently view the photos.

Someone made a profile named "Luca Pelliciari" and he uploaded some of your photos! Is that you?
An example message.

However the messages and accompanying link are the result of scammers who have compromised the Facebook account that sent the message and link.

There are several ways a scammer can compromise a Facebook account that would lead it to sending out spam messages like this, including a malware infection or rogue browser extension, a phishing attack or a rogue Facebook “app”.

The message lures victims who naturally want to see the content of the photos mentioned in the message. Of course the photos do not exist.

There is a major HACK going on affecting several people. It sends a private message to your facebook. Ignore any and all PMs (chat box) telling you about a pic or pics . I have not sent pictures to anyone, nor have I posted them to anyone. These messages have a zip file attached to them. DO NOT OPEN IT!! Copy and paste this to your facebook as well to spread the word that no one should open this file. It is a virus.....

A message warning of the threat.

Clicking the link in the message is certainly not advised, since it is likely going to lead to an attack (like the ones outlined above) designed to compromise your account as well.

As usual, be extremely wary of suspicious chat links, even if they appear to be sent from a trusted friend. Especially the if the message contains links.

Some FAQs…

Q: I received the message from a friend on Facebook. Does this mean I am infected?

A: No. It means your friend is infected. If you didn’t click the link then you are okay. If you did click the link then you may be infected too, it largely depends what you did after you clicked the link. If you think you may have been tricked into downloading harmful files, then run an antivirus scan with your up-to-date security software. If you’re looking to upgrade check here for our recommendations.

Q: My friends are telling me I sent them a chat message when I didn’t. What should I do?

A: It depends largely on how your Facebook account was compromised. If you don’t know then do all of these things….
- Change your password, which stops phishing scammers.
- Run a full antivirus scan, which removes malware.
- Uninstall recently installed Facebook apps from your account settings, which stops rogue Facebook apps.
- Log out of Facebook, and restart your computer, which stops browser session exploits.

You also need to go into your Facebook Messages and DELETE the conversation and warn your friends about what happened so they don’t fall for it too!

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