MH370 Malaysian Flight crashed in forest photo - Internet/Facebook Rumour

23 Mar 2014 - Article No: 1828. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

An image of the missing Malaysian MH370 flight in the woods is circulating Facebook along with the caption of [BREAKING NEWS] Missing plane found!

The image has been digitally manipulated and is the latest in a long string of Internet scams and hoaxes that falsely purport that the plane has been located.

Scammers will often use the bait of breaking news to lure visitors to certain types of online scams, and this image that appears to show the crashed plane in a forest.

These scams are notorious for forcing users to complete intrusive and spammy questionnaires, or even into downloading malware. In this case this particular variant leads users to a Facebook page that requests visitors to Like it before proceeding, before then leading users to an outdated news article regarding the search for the flight.

These scams use fake news to lure visitors, and the number of different scams that they will lead to can vary, but they can all be avoided simply by ignoring these types of Facebook links and only getting your news from reputable media outlets.

NEVER share a webpage or Like a Facebook page in order to see a video as these are almost certainly going to be scams.

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