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A video of a girl throwing six puppies into the water is circulating through social media along with various messages that urge users to share the video in a bid to identify and locate the woman.

The video is genuine and does show a real case of animal abuse. However spreading the message in order to locate the woman is pointless, since she was already identified a number of years ago as a minor living in Bosnia.

A still from the video.

Because the was underage at the time, she was not charged, which caused much upset amongst animal activist groups such as PETA. As for the fate of the animals, that is very much under dispute. Media outlets had been told by sources that the animals had survived downstream by someone who found the dogs on the side of the river. However PETA claims the animals probably did not survive.

Whilst the video may anger those who see it, the girl was identified and investigated by authorities, thus messages imploring users to help identify her are redundant. Additionally messages that try to induce some kind of vigilante justice are certainly not recommended and are simply irresponsible. Whether you agree with the decision of the authorities or not, trying to encourage social media users to track the girl down is simply reckless.

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