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27 Mar 2014 - Article No: 1830. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

The following message warns users of "hackers" who are "in Facebook" and have the ability to put "dirty videos on the walls or profiles of your friends".

However the warning is next to completely useless. (And not only because it is so poorly written as to render it practically illegible.)

In fact, the message is the latest incarnation of a long string of vague, poorly constructed messages that appear to be attempting to describe the consequences of installing either rogue Facebook applications, dangerous browser extensions or malware.

However the message fails to provide any useful advice (or coherent sentences) and instead relies on nonsensical alarmist claims that will ultimately prove to be of no help to anybody.

The threat that the message appears to be attempting to describe is real. If you install rogue Facebook applications or download harmful files to your computer by mistake, then this can result in a Facebook account posting spam messages on to the users timeline, the timeline of friends or even on Pages or under comments. (these threats have been known to post rude or offensive videos)

Rogue Facebook applications can even result in the infected account automatically creating photo albums, posting videos and even tagging Facebook users in them too.

However none of this is down to this perceived “magical power” of miraculously taking over Facebook accounts that many people believe elusive hackers possess. Instead these scams rely on a Facebook user falling for a scam.

The "warning" above fails to include any useful information such as how “hackers” take over a Facebook account and post spam from it, nor does it include any information on how to stop it if it does happen, rendering the message utterly pointless.

If you do want to educate your friends about these types of scams and how to stop them, share with them this article instead that outlines the different reasons why a Facebook account will send out spam and how to stop it.

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