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1 Apr 2014 - Article No: 1833. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Rumours are circulating that claim popular brands of energy drink such as Red Bull contain traces of bull sperm.

Many rumours claim that the discovery came to light after testing was conducted by a company called the “Longhorn Cattle Company.”

However the rumours are entirely false. Previous assertions that claimed that Red Bull contained a chemical called Taurine that came from the testicles of Bulls were debunked by Red Bull themselves, who stated that there are no chemicals derived from real Bulls found in their drinks.

Is Taurine made from bulls testicles?
Many people bet it comes from some delicate parts of the strongest and most potent bulls in the world, but the fact is that the taurine in Red Bull is produced synthetically to the highest quality standards.

Whilst Red Bull does indeed contain a chemical called Taurine, the Taurine found in Red Bull is produced synthetically, Red Bull notes, and is not from real animals.

Taurine is often associated with the Bull, (despite being found in many different animals) because it is named after the Latin for Bull, Taurus.

And since the notion that Taurine from a bull can be found in energy drinks has been dismissed as false and there is no evidence to back up the claims that animal sperm is used in the production of energy drinks, we can also dismiss the claim that energy drinks are made with animal sperm.

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