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6 Apr 2014 - Article No: 1835. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

[R.I.P.] DWAYNE JOHNSON (1972-2014)
Watch how DWAYNE JOHNSON died filming a stunt for FAST & FURIOUS 7

Rumours are circulating social media websites that claim actor Dwayne Johnson, better known for his WWE alias The Rock, died whilst filming a stunt for upcoming action flick Fast & Furious 7. The messages contain links to an alleged video that shows how the actor apparently died.

However the rumours are entirely false and are just a continuation of a series of other hoaxes that claim celebrities have died in order to lure visitors towards malicious websites that either attempt to install malware onto the visitors computer or lead them to intrusive and spammy surveys.

Visitors are also forced into sharing the webpage before proceeding, thus spreading the scam throughout Facebook.

Always be wary of these sorts of links on Facebook and always get your news from reputable media outlets. Also never share webpages in order to watch videos.

For more information on share-to-watch Facebook spam links, read our article here.

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