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Did US Airways send a dissatisfied customer an offensive image in response to a complaint on social media website Twitter?

A screenshot of a tweet that reads “We welcome feedback, Elle. If your travel is complete, you can detail it here for review and follow-up” is spreading through social media. The tweet also contained an image of a woman with a model airplane that we have tactically blurred (see below). We’ll leave it to your imagination what the original image looked like, bearing in mind the more popular words used to describe have been obscene and explicit.

Of course there is no tweet currently there with that description as it was likely removed soon after (but not before it started to go viral), but instead an apology tweet from the official US Airways Twitter account that you can see below.

The fact there is an apology from the official account lends credence to the assertion that something untoward did go on behind closed doors at US Airways.

Whilst we currently cannot confirm that the apology tweet is referring specifically to the image in question, it seems somewhat likely that this is no coincidence.

As to who posted the tweet, only those investigating the matter at US Airways can answer that, and it is likely that they will post follow up information via their twitter account here.

Whether it was a disgruntled employee or a compromised social media account remains to be seen, but it is likely that someone at US Airways is in some big trouble.

The incident has also caused the term #USAirways to become a trending topic on Twitter.

Business Insider reports that a statement from US Airways claims the tweet was in error after the tweet was captured by a staff member after being posted to US Airways by another user, and pasted into a customer response by mistake. Statement reads -

We apologize for the inappropriate image we recently shared in a Twitter response. Our investigation has determined that the image was initially posted to our Twitter feed by another user. We captured the tweet to flag it as inappropriate. Unfortunately the image was inadvertently included in a response to a customer. We immediately realized the error and removed our tweet. We deeply regret the mistake and we are currently reviewing our processes to prevent such errors in the future.

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