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McDonalds Uses Worm Meat Fillers But Can Legally Call It 100% Beef

Rumours are circulating that claim fast food restaurant McDonalds uses worm meat as filler in their products. The rumour claims that because the meat is purchased through a company called The 100% Beef Company then they are legally allowed to call their meat "100% beef".

Rumours such as this have actually been spreading across the Internet for years, and longer! In fact, the rumour that McDonalds use less-than-desirable meat cuts in their products has been so popular over the decades it has cemented itself as one of the most popular instances of folklore legend in the food industry, and has affected other fast food restaurants as well.

Of course it is entirely false. Similar rumours that spread in the past that have claimed McDonalds used mutant meat, cow eyeballs or even rat meat. Other variants claim that the scandal was uncovered by various institutions or investigative bodies including CBS show 60 Minutes.

McDonalds have continually refuted the rumours, time and time again restating that their beef patties are made from 100% beef, with no nefarious substitutes.

The assertion that McDonalds attempts to disguise its true ingredients by purchasing from a company called “The 100% Beef Company” is a common addition to this rumour, and is once again entirely false.

The motive to use worms as meat filler would presumably for the fast food restaurant to save money. But as many point out, worms (both mealworms and earthworms) are actually considerably more expensive than beef, rendering using them in their products completely pointless.

If common sense was a factor used to dispel rumours, then this persistent hearsay would have died decades ago. The notion that McDonalds could use reprehensible ingredients in its products and hide it from the FDA, the public and anyone else is simply absurd.

As such, any unsubstantiated rumours about McDonalds like this should simply be dismissed as a hoax.

Of course similar claims that assert burgers are made out of human meat can be dismissed as silly rumours as well.

You can read McDonalds refute some popular claims here.

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