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30 Apr 2014 - Article No: 1842. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Messages are circulating the Internet that claim franchise Subway is removing pork products from its menu and replacing them with halal-only meats in UK stores.

It is true that in over 200 stores across the UK, pork products such as bacon and ham have been removed from the menu and replaced with turkey substitutes, and the meat available to customers is all halal.

Halal meat is seen as “clean” to Muslims and is okay to consume. Whilst pork can never be halal, other meat products can as long as the animal is slaughtered to certain rules, as according to the Koran.

Subway has stated that this is the latest step in a program that has been running for several years that ensures all Subway stores serve the needs and demands of its local communities. Subway have stated that the halal-only stores reflect the diversity of Subway customers.

Despite the Koran requiring that for meat to be halal, the animal must be slaughtered whilst fully conscious, Subway have stated that animals are stunned before slaughter, as per EU regulations. Muslims are divided as to whether stunning an animal before slaughter can mean its meat is truly halal.

Read Subways statement here.

The move has proved to be controversial, with many claiming that removing pork products is unfair as it removes the choice and have criticised Subways claim of being more multicultural as hypocritical.

Subway stores that serve halal-only meats will clearly display signs on the storefront. Locations of halal-only stores include Bristol and London.

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