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14 May 2014 - Article No: 1846. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

A message is circulating Facebook that requests users turn off Facebook video auto-play on Facebook as these videos take up "huge data".

The message is based on truth, in that those with bandwidth limits (that is, limitations on how much they can download to their phone or computer before their Internet is restricted or chargeable) will see their bandwidth limit decrease quicker if they allow videos to buffer and play on their Facebook newsfeed, as videos can take up more bandwidth than other types of online media, although the assertion in the message that claims these videos take up "huge data" may be a little exaggerated.

Auto-playing videos on the newsfeed is one of those inexplicable changes that Facebook have made that irks most of their users who do not want to see videos playing automatically as they scroll down their newsfeed.

Thankfully there are ways to disable the feature in your Facebook account settings, and the instructions on the message tell people how to do just that.

So if you have strict bandwidth instructions or just find the feature annoying, yes, you can follow the instructions that will allow you to turn off auto-playing videos.

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