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collected June 2014

Letter: Are our soldiers going hungry while Congress boosts its pay?

My nephew recently returned to Afghanistan for his second deployment. A few days ago he went to the mess hall only to find it locked and posted with a sign explaining that, due to budget cuts, breakfast would no longer be served.

On that same day, it was reported in the media that members of Congress would be receiving an automatic pay raise they had budgeted for themselves. Every citizen of the United States should be outraged by this! If we cannot afford to feed our soldiers, we certainly cannot afford to increase the salaries of our “political elite.”

collected January 2013

So my lil brother is in Afghanistan. He skypes us yesterday and proceeds to tell us the army is cutting there meals to two a day because if budget issues... are u fuckin serious. Yet all the criminals that are locked up get three hots and a cot no questions asked. You all need to share this. Not just for my bro but all of our troops. It is a shame that they put there life on the line and this is how they get treated.
collected March 2013

Messages spreading across the Internet claim that due to budgets cuts, US soldiers now only get two meals a day instead of three.

Specific variants of this tale tell the story of a family member of the author serving overseas who frequented his mess hall only to find it locked and message claiming that breakfast was no longer served because of budget cuts.

Other versions compare the treatment of soldiers to criminals who, according to the message, still get 3 hot meals per day.

In reality the messages are false. All soldiers serving overseas get three (or four) meals a day, though many local bases in Afghanistan provide an MRE (meal ready-to-eat) breakfast and NOT a hot breakfast, which were supplied previously.

Also untrue was this change having anything to do with a budget. The DOD have stated and reiterated that this is down to logistics and to streamline the closure (or transition) of certain bases in Afghanistan.

It appears these messages, which have been circulating since at least 2012, have used the transition from hot breakfast meals to MRE meals in certain army bases as a catalyst to spread totally false information blaming the change on the budget.

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