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4 Jun 2014 - Article No: 1850. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

An old rumour from 2010 has resurfaced warning readers not to buy cheap sandals from Walmart that are made in China as they contain a chemical that causes a nasty reaction in the skin. The messages are accompanied by photos of a womanís foot that has been adversely affected by what appears to be where the sandals were in contact with the skin on her feet.

This particular instance seems to be a genuine case where a chemical has caused a severe reaction to the wearer. The injuries reportedly belong to a woman in Florida called Kerry Stiles, however it is worth mentioning that the injuries were sustained way back in 2007, and the product was recalled by Walmart shortly after the incident.

Walmart claimed that despite millions of pairs of that particular footwear being sold, only a comparably small number of people reported any problems, suggesting that the issue was down to a relatively rare allergic reaction with a chemical used in the production of the sandals.

However the exact reason for the apparent burns, as far as we are aware, was never conclusively found.

However since the incident happened so long ago and the products were duly recalled, and havenít been sold at Walmart since, it seems rather pointless to carry on circulating these messages.

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