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I have just been informed from a friend to spread the word ... If you have dogs .. DONT buy dog treats from POUND LAND. They have been imported into the UK and they have some sort of POISON in them and one dog has died and the other is seriously ill .. this is not a joke but very real people .. BEWARE ... Please shar

A rumour is circulating social media that claims dog treats purchased in UK discount store Poundland contain poison and have caused the death of at least one dog and rendered another seriously ill.

As it typical with online rumours such as this, the report omits any verifiable information such as locations, dates, the nature of the apparent poison or any sources backing up the claims and any online search fails to provide any reputable sources that backs up the claims made in the message.

It is possible that the rumour is just a rehashed warning of previous hoaxes that have circulated in years past, such as an unverified rumour that claimed dog treats imported from China were responsible for over 70 canine fatalities assertions that were never conclusively proven by the FDA and were likely fabricated or sensationalized.

Poundland, according to their official Facebook page, have dismissed the claims as rumours, responding to consumer queries with the following messages

We are aware of this rumour, and there is no truth in it whatsoever. All ingredients in our pet foods adhere to EU legislation. Thank you very much for raising this with us, and please rest assured that all of our pet foods are safe

Unless this rumour is altered to include verifiable and reputable sources that back up the claims, it should not be circulated.

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