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9 Jun 2014 - Article No: 1852. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

Facebook removed this photo because it was found offensive, this is England and we should be able to fly the England flag with pride. If you agree, repost this pic...
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Rumours are circulating Facebook that claim the website is removing a photo of a house adorned with English flags because it is offensive.

Rumours that assert Facebook are removing photos and content because it offends people are commonplace on Facebook but rarely turn out to be true, and it seems this photo is just another example of a silly hoax.

A photo like this does not break any of the terms and conditions set forth by Facebook and since the photo isnít difficult to find on Facebook, it seems unlikely that it is being actively removed.

Often photos do get removed through error, such as human error or Facebooks automatic filtering system may incorrectly determine a photo has broken a particular part of the terms of service, especially if people are reporting the photo via Facebooks reporting system. These mistakes could possibly lead Facebook users to an incorrect assumption that the photo was intentionally removed by Facebook for breaking their terms of service.

A similar rumour that rears its ugly head every December falsely asserts that Facebook removes photos depicting the nativity play Ė rumours that we debunk on an annual basis.

Messages such as this often arise as either a misinterpretation or used to fuel propaganda. Either way, avoid sharing such nonsense.

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