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Game of thrones season 5 cancelled
Popular Drama Game of thrones will officially end at season 4 - read more here

Links are spreading across the Internet that claim popular HBO series Game of Thrones has been cancelled.

Upon clicking the link, in order to view the entire story the user must first download a “Java update” to continue.

It’s a malware scam. The scam uses the false assertion that Game of Thrones has been cancelled to lure visitors into clicking the links and installing the dodgy update.

It’s a clever social engineering trick, as the scammer understands the popularity of the show and knows that news of it being cancelled it certain to attract a fair number of clicks from worried fans desperate to find out if the news is true.

As usual, only get your news from reputable media outlets and not links on social media websites. If you did install whatever was on offer, make sure you run your antivirus software straight away – if you don’t have any or are looking to update, you can download our recommended antivirus here.

Popular and trending prank site FakeShare is also spreading rumours that claim the same thing, so be on the watch out for that too!

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