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if anyone from the uk has entered the cutest baby 2013 comp to protect your children as people are taking the pictures and putting them on a website to be sold as sex slaves !! this is sick !! report the comp to help get it shut down !!
thank you. also can you add... to remove your picture you have to go to the top right hand corner, there is a help botton, click that and scroll down then there is an option to remove entry

collected August 2013

just a word of warning to anyone who has uploaded a pic of their child onto baby vote. I have just seen that this has been used by a paedophile ring to obtain photos. To be safe please remove your childrens photos! Please share to get the message out there x
Collected June 2014

Rumours are spreading online that the baby competition (or some versions use an unnamed baby competition that many presume is referring to is actually run by a paedophile ring who steal the photos of the babies who are entered. Some versions claim the photos are then used on pornographic websites. The warnings implore readers to remove their babies photos from the competition. is a UK based company which runs a monthly competition where competitors install a Facebook App and encourage other users to vote for their entry. It runs in both the UK and Australia and other countries.

The rumours are entirely baseless and have circulated vigorously in both 2013 and 2014, leading to many Facebook Pages facing unfounded accusations from concerned but ill-advised parents.

The warnings fail to provide a shred of evidence to support the erroneous claims and BabyVote have refuted the allegations. Additionally despite the “Chinese whisper” nature these rumours often taken we have not heard from a single parent that has come forward to claim that their photos had been taken and used in the way described.

Whilst we cannot ascertain the source of these rumours, it is entirely possible they are the result of unscrupulous entrants trying to remove the competition using immoral scare tactics.

Whilst parents should be careful when publishing photos of their children on the Internet there is no need to spread alarmist and inaccurate rumours that will inevitably tar the reputation of a legitimate company.

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