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30 Jun 2014 - Article No: 1859. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Food available in China...yes, that is a human foot.

collected June 2014

An image of what appears to be a human foot in food packaging is circulating social media with the caption that this is a food available in China.

However the rumours are entirely false, and the image in question is actually bread, made to look like a human foot. It is the creation of artist Kittiwat Unarrom, who is known for creating various gory looking bread loaves, disguised as other human limbs such as hands, faces and an array of internal organs.

This is not the first time “art” has inspired rumours of the cannibalistic kind. Artist Zhu Yu helped spread a popular myth that eating babies or foetuses in China is common practise, after he staged a series of photographs that allegedly depicted a dead baby being eaten, when in reality it was likely chicken and doll parts.

Cannibalistic rumours often target the far East, though rarely turn out to have any real legitimacy, and this is another example of just that.

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