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Facebook Purge
You can say anything
Expose any picture
Expose anyone
Tag whoever in whatever.
Nobody Is Safe
collected July 2014

Rumours are going around Facebook that the 17th July 2014 has been dubbed “The Facebook Purge” where Facebook users can “say anything, expose any picture, expose anyone or tag whoever in whatever” between the hours of 12am to 12pm

It seems this whole thing has been inspired by the upcoming release of The Purge 2, released on the 18th July – the storyline to this movie is that for one day of the year everything becomes legal, including murder. Anyone can do anything for this one day without any legal consequence.

Since messages promoting the so called "Facebook Purge" have been spread, rumours that it has caused a number of suicides and deaths (87 suicides at last count) have also circulated.

However despite the rumours, there is no Facebook Purge, or at least there is no official Purge. It has nothing to do with Facebook, or any other social media site that may have been dragged into this nonsense. Facebook treat any actions within the realms of their site the same way they do any other day of the year.

The name of this so called event implies that users can do whatever they want on Facebook without repercussions, which is simply not true. Spreading rumours imploring or encouraging others to do “whatever they want” is simply irresponsible, and could potentially lead to further problems such as cyber-bullying and other types of despicable behaviour.

Regarding rumours that this “Purge” has led to a number of suicides – this is unfounded. It is extremely unlikely that over 80 recorded suicides would escape mainstream media coverage, and we were unable to find reports on a single reported suicide or death attributed to this, thus this is likely just another spurious rumour.

The source of these rumours is currently unknown, but it does not appear to be an official marketing campaign for the movie.

Facebook treat information posted on their site today the same way they did yesterday. Any content that violates their terms of service is liable to be removed, as per usual. As for posting private information, tagging or “exposing people”, or just generally “saying anything”, well, the standards of morality, courtesy and decency are the same today as they were yesterday too.

Worth remembering.

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