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15 Aug 2014 - Article No: 1871. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Messages are circulating social media (below) that claim to show a goodbye message from actor Robin Williams shortly before he took his own life.

However the messages are just another example of how low unscrupulous scammers are willing to sink in order to make some money. In reality these messages are just another example of share-to-watch video spam links that force visitors into sharing the link onto their Facebook pages before trying to proceed to a video that does not exist.



There is no such last phone video goodbye message. Visitors who click the links they see on social media and share it on their own timelines (thus spreading the hoax) are ultimately presented with your typical survey spam that is designed to harvest a userís personal information and make money for the scammer who designed the hoax.

Despite this being an age-old hoax that has circulated for years with thousands upon thousands of different variants, users continue to help spread the rumours by continually falling for these scams.

The fact that scammers are willing to exploit such a tragic event effectively shows just how heartless they can be when they have the potential to make some money, and by clicking Share when on these types of websites you are ultimately just helping them accomplish their goals.

Wise up. These links are easy to spot. You can read about how to avoid these scams by clicking this link that shows our article on how these scams work. Have a friend who often falls for this nonsense? Share this this link and implore them to read the information.

It is about time we stopped falling for these silly scams as we are just helping abhorrent and repugnant scammers make a quick buck.

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