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A photo (above) of what appears to be a victim of strangulation is spreading across social media under the assertion that it is the leaked footage of Robin Williams suicide.

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CNN Exclusive – Robin Williams Suicide Footage Leaked By Hotel CCTV

However this is another share-to-watch video spam link in just another example of how low deplorable, vile scammers are willing to sink in order to make some money. In reality these messages are just another example of share-to-watch video spam links that force visitors into sharing the link onto their Facebook pages before trying to proceed to a video that does not exist.

The photo of the man in the photo is from a Spanish website and dates back several years, thus could not be the popular Hollywood actor.

These scams that implore users share a link (and thus spread it to their friends on Facebook) have been popular for years yet Facebook users continue to fall for them. This isn’t the first time scammers have exploited the death Robin Williams either, with a previous scam claiming to show the actors suicide goodbye video.

And just like that previous scam users are ultimately requested to complete survey scams that harvest a user’s personal information, which also make money for the scammers.

The fact that scammers are willing to exploit such a tragic event just goes to show how immoral and repugnant they are willing to when they see the potential to make some money, and by clicking Share when you’re on these types of websites you are ultimately just helping them accomplish their goals.

As we always say NEVER share links or “videos” in order to see something else and remember that links you see on social media that look suspicious are probably not true and should not be taken seriously. For more information on these share-to-watch video spam links click here.

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