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21 Aug 2014 - Article No: 1873. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Links like the one pictures below are spreading across social media that claims popstar Miley Cyrus was found dead in her Los Angeles home after committing suicide.

However the rumours are false and are just another share-to-watch link scam that forces users to share a webpage in order to watch a video that ultimately does not exist. Recently these scams have been exploiting the death of actor Robin Williams.

link text
MILEY CYRUS committed suicide yesterday
collected August 2014

The image circulating along with these links of Miley Cyrus in bed next to a bottle of pills is a still taken from the music video of her Flaming Lips song.

As we always say NEVER share links or “videos” in order to see something else and remember that links you see on social media that look suspicious are probably not true and should not be taken seriously. For more information on these share-to-watch video spam links click here.

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