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An image (below) of a man with a serious injury to this eye are spreading across social media along with the caption that the photo belongs to Officer Darren Wilson, the Missouri police officer who killed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson in August.

Broken Eye Socket in Ferguson, Missouri
How much have loyal FoxNews Viewers seen in the media, in defense of this officer or at least, his side of this story? Why isnt the media releasing the photos of Police Officer Darren Wilsons injuries after he was assaulted by "the unarmed black teenager?"
He was attacked and punched in the face before he emptied his weapon into the drugged "unarmed teenager," this is what a broken eye socket looks like.
Theres always three sides to most stories and God, being the third witness, knows the truth.
collected September 2014

There has been plenty of speculation as to the extent and specifics of the injuries sustained by Officer Wilson before he shot Brown, with many rumours asserting that Wilson had sustained serious injuries and fractures to his eye socket, as well as a broken facial bone.

However whilst specific details about Wilson’s injuries have not been released, it has been generally reported that though Officer Wilson did go to hospital, his wounds – if any - were not serious nor life threatening.

The man in the image on the other hand is not Darren Wilson at all, rather a Moto rider named Jim McNeil who sustained the injuries in a crash in 2006 where he seriously injured his cheek, forehead, nose and eye socket. McNeil has since passed away in another crash in 2011.

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