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9 Sep 2014 - Article No: 1878. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Rumours are spreading across social media that a number of Muslims want to ban the popular Peppa Pig cartoon because it is offensive to Islam.

A popular YouTube video and Facebook group named “Muslims Against Peppa Pig” increased in popularity, leading many to think that some Muslims wanted to get Peppa Pig off of television. Pork is considered “Haram” – meaning sinful - by Muslims who cannot consume pig meat.

However the “campaign” seems to have been nothing more than a satirical ruse by a man named Zayn Sheikh who asserted later that it was all just a joke. Despite this confession though a number of people, including some mainstream media and the Muslim Council of Britain mistakenly assumed the campaign was (or could have been) genuine.

Sheikh confessed in a later video....

The last video I made was a parody, was a joke.
I am not against any race, religion or ethnicity. I speak out against discrimination wherever I come across it. At the end of the day whatever is going on in the rest of the world is not to do with us regular Muslims in the UK because we are just like any other people.

The confusion however led to the rumour spreading like wildfire on social media, with many joining Sheikh’s Facebook group and many other Pages and Groups being set up in response to the ruse, mostly to denounce the entire debacle.

Basically it was another example of attempted satire being misconstrued as truth and given a viral boost thanks to the misinformation-instant-transportation-system we call social media.

Perhaps on hindsight the video in which Sheikh denounced Peppa Pig should have been dismissed as satire, especially since he made the suggestion of replacing the cartoon character with Abdullah the Cat as well as claiming Peppa the Pig was the “haramist” thing he had ever seen, and also complaining that his youngest son’s previous aspirations of becoming a doctor had been replaced with wanting to become a pig.

Sounds quite satirical to us.

Naturally of course the entire thing has just provided fuel to the plethora of armchair slacktivists who often spread information – despite being false - that attempts to legitimize racism and increase racial tensions. What is true and what is not tends not to bother these people too much, and even if Sheikh really wanted to ban Peppa Pig it is a far cry to also claim that Muslims in general want to ban Peppa Pig too.

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