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Warnings (below) are spreading that claim terror group ISIS are going around suburbs knocking on doors in a bid to “mark” Christian houses. These warnings assert that the Islamic extremists are posing as charity workers, carrying black books around with them, whilst noting down houses that are inhabited by Christian people.

URGENT: Please pass. This on to everyone you know - especially those in the Revesby Padstow area as they are doing this right now - TODAY.
There are members if ISIS going door knocking on homes. They greet you with "Salam Alaykom", and then pretend they are trying to collect money for orphans. They come with a black folder and ask you if you want to donate. Please - do NOT Talk to them or open for them. Call Crime-stoppers or the crime hotline on 1800 333 000 immediately.
They are marking Christian houses. Please spread the word (not on Facebook) but via private texting or viber. They are going through the Liverpool area, and just now through the Revesby, Panania, Chipping Norton, Padstow area

collected September 2014

collected September 2014

These messages are entirely baseless and are nothing more than senseless scaremongering, penned by reprehensible hoaxers, aimed at exploiting racial tensions. Versions of this hoax have already spread in Australia and near identical copies are also appearing the UK, verbatim only with the names of the towns and cities changed.

There have been no reports of ISIS members posing as charity workers and the hoax has already been dismissed by the New South Wales police force in Australia where the rumour first took hold.

The hoax itself is also quite vague and unhelpful. It does not explain how an ISIS member would determine the religious inclination of a household member, nor does it give any reason why ISIS members are marking Christian houses.

The notion of people going around knocking on houses, deviously marking down addresses for various nefarious and underhanded reasons makes for a popular template for a hoax. It can be traced back to old conspiracy theories about The New World Order, or more recently a slew of dognapping hoaxes followed the same paradigm.

These rumours however, are unfounded and should not be spread.

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