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29 Sep 2014 - Article No: 1884. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Rumours are circulating social media that assert popular fried chicken franchise KFC are refusing to sell hand wipes that contain ethanol as alcohol is prohibited by their Halal-only policy.

The reports originate from an incident in Leicester where a customer was refused a wipe because, according to staff, it might offend other customers and the wipes had been removed according to the KFC halal-policy.

However, according to KFC themselves, the incident has been down to a misunderstanding of the halal-policy by staff at that particular KFC outlet. It is true that a number of KFC stores across the UK are halal-only, meaning the meat there has been prepared according to the Koran (though KFC insist their chickens are still stunned before slaughter.)

However, despite alcohol also being banned by Islam, KFC has claimed that alcohol-infused wipes are still perfectly fine to use in all of their stores and the customer refusal was due to a misunderstanding by staff. Wipes are now available at the store in question.

On their Facebook Page KFC has stated in regards to the incident…

These hand wipes are completely fine to be used in all of our restaurants. On this occasion they were removed from the branch by mistake, but are now being handed out there again. Were very sorry for the experience of the customer.

Despite the incident occurring as the result of a misunderstanding, it has still been jumped on by far-right extremist groups who have been quick to label this as a sign of “further Islamification” of the UK. Despite the fact that there has been no indication that any of this happened because it offended any Muslims, far right groups like Britain First are still laying the blame on what they see as “pandering” to the Islamic faith. Britain First specifically have called for a ban on KFC and have used the entire debacle to fuel racial tensions and promote their ignorant and hateful propaganda.

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