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9 Oct 2014 - Article No: 1887. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Rumours are circulating across the Internet that a man is suing energy drink manufacturer Red Bull because despite the claims made in their advertising material, he did not grow wings.

The rumours are false and are the result of a real class action suit against Red Bull in 2013 by Benjamin Careathers. However this suit was not filed because Red Bull didn’t physically give the plaintiff wings, rather because its advertising materials allegedly misled consumers into believing the energy and concentration boost given by a can of Red Bull would be substantially more than an average cup of coffee, which is an unproven assertion, thus actionable. At least according to the plaintiff.

The class action suit does indeed let people who purchased a Red Bull drink get a cash “reward”. However because it is a class action suit it is unlikely that any one person would get a substantial rewards (perhaps with the exception of the lawyers!) as such suits are often capped, in this case a reported $13 million to be divvied up to all who join the suit.

Red Bull maintain that their advertising materials are not misleading despite agreeing to fork out $13 million for the class action suit.

The fallacy that the suit was because Red Bull didn’t literally give a person wings is likely down to some playful and misleading headlines given by the tabloids. For example The Daily Mail in the UK wrote “Red Bull agree to pay anyone who has bought a can over the past 12 years $10 cash in class settlement for the fact that it doesn’t REALLY ‘give you wings’.”

Headlines like this have confused readers into believing that it was down to not being able to grow wings. The reality is a little more mundane.

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