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Other Keywords: Becoming a Mother of Father was the Greatest Gift of Life

collected March 2012

collected April 2013

ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do not join the group that runs currently on facebook with the title `becoming a father or mother was the greatest gift of my life` This isa group created by pedophiles whose aim is to access yourphotos!!!!!!!!!!!! Please rotate this post to all Your Friends on Facebook.
collected Jan 2010

ATTENTION!!! Fox 5 news reported: DO NOT join the group currently on facebook with the title `Becoming a father or mother was the greatest gift of mylife`. This is a group created by pedophiles whose aim is to access your photos. Please copy
collected Jan 2010

do not join the group currently on Facebook with the title "Becoming a father or a mother was the greatest gift of my life." It is a group of pedophilestrying to access your photos. This was on Fox News at 5. Please copy and post!!! Lets keep our children safe (please ... take ... just a minute to copyand paste!
collected May 2012

This long running hoax has been circulating in one form or another since the very beginning of 2010, and is one of the first hoaxes that uses the controversial bait of using Facebook paedophiles to alarm Facebook users into propagating it throughout the social networking site.

The message is completely bogus, and there is absolutely no evidence or reason to support the unfounded and illogical assertion that groups with the name described in the messages above is run by - or has anything to do with - paedophiles.

The message is flawed in several ways. Firstly, if there was any evidence or indication that groups with this name were indeed run by or connected to paedophiles then they would presumably be removed by Facebook.

Also the "warning" makes little sense any way since joining a group doesn’t make it easier for the admins of that group to access a Facebook users photos any way (if your photos are private they are still private to the admins of any group you are a member of) so the fundamental point of the message is illogical regardless.

Also worth noting is that there was not even a group with that name at the time the rumour first began to circulate in early 2010, yet many groups with similar or identical names were created after the rumour became prolific in an attempt to capitalise on the viral success of these hoax messages.
This hoax warning seems designed purely to needlessly worry and alarm Facebook users, and should not be circulated.

Popular variants of this hoax also include the assertion that the story was featured on Fox 5 news. However this is untrue and no credible news outlet has reported on this story.

Of course paedophiles can and do use Facebook and all parents, guardians and children who use the site should understand how to use the social networking site sensibly and safely. However hoax messages like this will only result in trivialising and detracting from a serious issue.

Curiously this message seems to become most prolific during May of each year. The message became popular in May 2010, 2011, 2012 and towards the end of April 2013.

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