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Various rumours have begun spreading in the run up to the Football World Cup 2010 in the UK regarding police banning England football shirts and flags in pubs and clubs. Some rumours claim it is to combat anti-social behaviour and others go furthur and claim it is because the patriotic memorabilia is upsetting to immigrants, like the rumour below -

Police are going around pubs and clubs saying that we cant wear our England tops for the football and we have to take the flags down as its upsetting immigrants that dont come from here! Now Im not racist, but this is going too far! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY and WE NEED TO MAKE A STAND IF THEY DONT LIKE IT... THEN GO HOME! Would you remove your turban and burkha because it upsets me!!!! post this status if you agree.

The rumours can be traced to an April 2010 article by UK tabloid `The Sun` (article here.) which purports that there could be a ban to prevent anti-social behaviour that may occur during the football by people wearing the England colours. However the sensationalist article claims that it is only advice given by the police, and clubs and pubs are not obliged to follow this condition.

The article however does not reference any sources and even the suggestion of banning England shirts appears unfounded. Many Police departments have actually directly refuted the claim they will be imposing any such ban.

Essentially this means that the article is likely not based on any reality and England fans are free to wear their England football shirts in the majority of pubs and clubs in the UK, with only a small amount of venues voluntarily banning the shirts because of risk of anti-social behaviour. If we were looking at the situation realistically, and not through the skewed eye of a tabloid newspaper, banning England football shirts everywhere is only going to cause more problems for the police and pubs, who would have to face the daunting task of enforcing the ban.

Additionally, the assertion that this has any thing to do with immigrants being upset is based on pure fabrication and is not true at all. Many Facebook groups and viral rumours have emerged stating that immigrants being upset is the cause of the fictional ban. This is racist propoganda and completely untrue and we strongly recommend not spreading any of these rumours which aim to isolate and cause hatred towards ethnic minorities.

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