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Banned Diamond Rio Song A song some radio stations are banning. The song you are about to listen to is from a Las Vegas Diamond Rio concert. They received an immediate resounding standing ovation, and continue to do so every time they perform it! Sadly, major radio sta...tions wouldnt play it because it was considered `politically incorrect`. Consequently, the song was never released to the public. So America, see what you think. If this offering speaks to your heart and you feel you want to share it with friends and loved ones, please do.

In what is actually quite an old hoax getting spread again through Facebook, this story is based on no truth whatsoever. The song in question, `In God We Still Trust` was released and was played for a short while on radio stations. But just like many songs, its appearance on the radio was all too brief because it simply was not striking enough to listeners, and for no other reason. The suggestion it was down to `political incorrectness` is simply unfounded. Additionally, the song was actually released on a Diamond Rio album as an album filler.

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