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Sorry Lydia, not on Facebook. Image courtesy of CNN.com

Rumours regularly resurface regarding Facebook cracking down on setting up profiles (or Timelines) for your pets. Such rumours assert that Facebook will be deleting profiles set up for your pets since such accounts represent a breach in Facebooks terms of service.

Such rumours have been circulating for years, regularly warning of a sudden crackdown in pet profiles, yet such crackdowns never seem to materialise.

However it is certainly worth noting that this does not mean that Rover or Felix’s beloved Facebook profile is safe, since pet profiles do actually represent a breach in Facebooks terms of service that state that you cannot create a Facebook profile for anyone without their express permission…

You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.

And since gerbils or what have you are not –-shall we say-- up-to-speed, to the whole social networking malarkey, they are thus unable to give such permission, making such profiles prohibited. In fact according to Facebook such “misclassified” accounts should in fact be Fan Pages, not Profiles/Timelines which are reserved for the human variety of user.

And since misclassified accounts are effectively synonymous with fake accounts, they are subject to removal by Facebook without warning. And whilst we never have never seen any substantial crackdown of removing pet profiles, we have heard from many users that pet profiles they have created have been deleted.

So if you don’t want to lose your pets personal profile account then you can convert it into a Fan Page instead, by following the instructions here.

Spin-off rumours about facing account deletion for having a profile picture of a beloved pet are false, and if such accounts are deleted it would have been for some other account infringement.

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