07/01/10 - Article No: 920

TNETENNBA - a real word? - Email Media Hoax

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Popularised by UK comedy `The IT Crowd` speculation exists if the word TNETENNBA - which character Moss uses in an episode of Countdown` - was indeed a real word.

It is not.

TNETENNBA is being dubbed as a word to generate traffic to a website due to high search engine queries and small number of websites containing that exact `word`. This means websites like ours that contain the word TNETENNBA recieve larger amounts of traffic from people using search engines like Google to search for it, who are, perhaps ironically, trying to find out if it is a real word. As yet, it has not been accepted by any dictionaries and is not a word outside the realms of the comedy show it was used in.

The word has also led to many sites being created in its homour, including tnetennba.com and a humourous alternate dictionary site at tnetennba.net

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