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08/31/10 - Article No: 976 - Rebate Processor Scam

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Rebate Processer scam from serial scammer Andrew Gaswint. We strongly recommend our readers to avoid this scam.

Rebate Processor Scams are designed to fool the victim into thinking that earning lots of money online is easily achievable, but this is no longer true. Rebate Processor scams sell marketing information bundled with the marketing strategy of offering buyers rebates. It is near useless marketing information that can be found freely online, and will not make anyone the money implied on the hyped up sales pitch. You can read more about Rebate Processor scams here. is always getting questions about how to make money online legitimately, so we have launched a section of our site dedicated to showing what is actually involved if you do want to make money online. None of the hype, just the honest, frank truth. You can jump to that section of our site by clicking here.

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