11/11/09 - Article No: 5

Steroids Scams

Article about website scams selling dubious steroid related products, which ultimately rip their customers off.

Many subjects are a good focus for scammers, allbeit for the nature of the "customer" or other variables affecting the success of the scam.

Selling steroids online in one such subject that scammers have jumped upon. Whether it is getting fake drugs or the scammers just taking your money and not sending anything, these scams are very common. If you are looking for such body enhancement drugs, you can try
www.steroid.com or www.gosteroids.com.

However it is not recommended to use new or untrusted sites that will either steal or send useless or unproven products. Our advice, if you are sure about buying these products online, stick to sites you trust. If this is your first time, use either of the sites above.

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