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    Keep up the great work Craig and thanks for visiting my site. I am posting your page everytime someone posts new scam stuff. Thanks. Have a fantabulous day.

  • http://www.antivirussorted.com Ernie

    Hi Craig

    I run a blog about antivirus software but recently I’ve been receiving a large amount of spam posts in my blog originating from Facebook accounts. The spam messages have no links to external sites. They use their facebook account URL in the “website” field so this practice is not making any sense to me at all.

    It appears to me that these people’s accounts where the spam is originating from doesn’t fall in the demographic for my blog so I assume that these people are probably not aware that their Facebook accounts are being used to spam my blog (as well as other blogs/sites out there.)

    Do you have any explanation as to why someone might be spamming sites this way?



    • thatsnonsense.com

      We’ve had the same thing. Occasionally there are backlinks in the message itself, but sometimes not. Not sure what the motivation is.

  • http://facebook Linda

    Would like to take a minute to just say ” thank you ” for all your hard work in trying to keep us informed on how these thing happen an how to correct the mistakes we have made. Also “a big thank you to all ” who share in doing this for all of us users. .HoaxHunter sent me here as well as other sites where reliable info that is trust worthy can be found just so ya know …we have come to know an appreciate all as a wonderful ” safety team “.

  • Roxy

    What does it mean if I posted a comment on a non-FB site that only had a comment box and a “publish” button (didn’t ask for any other info), and after I ckicked “publish,” my FB profile pic appeared next to my comment as though it were a regular FB post? It also linked directly to my FB profile for anyone to see. I couldn’t figure out how this happened, nor was I able to remove the comment. I was not signed into Facebook, and did not have to login before my comment appeared. I actually deactivated my FB account just to get my profile and photo off this other site. The site was a medical site, so I felt ok posting there but didn’t want my photo on their site. The comment did not appear on my FB page so I was unable to remove it that way.

    Anyone know how this happened?

    • thatsnonsense.com

      Many websites use Facebooks comments plugin so users can make comments using their Facebook profile. If you choose to make a comment your profile pic and name will appear next to the comment made on the website. If you don’t want this to happen do not use the Facebook Comments plugin.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sriram-D-Iyer/769734055 Sriram D Iyer

    Thank you very much Craig, just removed the extension which was posting shit tagging my friends on facebook.

  • Colin Stamp

    Thanks. Very well written and discussed article. D’offs me ‘at to ya!

  • Vanessa

    Hi, thanks for your useful article. Our company’s Facebook page is regularly spammed by posts from a company we follow. We’ve contacted this company but they say they can’t see these posts on our wall… Also these post always have a link to their blog. And it looks like these post on our wall don’t appear on theirs. Originally they were posted via Hootsuite.

    We tried to contact Facebook… but no answer. Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help

  • meredit

    Thank you so much for your efforts on our behalf!

  • Kate Talim

    Does this still works? Thanks